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Fuck, where'd I drop it?

Blazer pin
Glinting in the sun,
on th'11th of November.
Blazer pin
Look at what you've done,
Lost it, now
I look like a heartless member!
But if it's better to have loved and lost
than never at all
it follows: it's better to leave the pin
than wear bugger-all.
Blazer pin
Now I'll be smother'd.
It seems not
voluntary garb as they say.
Blazer pin
Could just buy 'nother--
but, what a
waste of assorted petty change.
Maintenant, mon plumage
est devenu suisse fromage,
All I may do is cower in l'arbour.
My little trench offensive
Is massacred by th'offended
There surely is no worse a thing than war.