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29 June 2008

Made in China.

BEIJING, China - The U.S., being in considerable debt, has looked for a cheaper way to print money. The solution: Print it in China. The U.S. Supreme Court and George W. Bush approved the opening of three United States Mints inside the borders of Communist China. The new mints, found in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai were opened today, providing the cheapest way the U.S. has ever printed currency.

"It's an ingenius plan," says Bush. "It's better than anything I've ever thought of." The way the money will get back to the U.S. is in boatloads of cold, hard, cash.

All of the U.S. mints such as the the Denver, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. mints were shut down, but will be kept as a back up plan. All of the mint workers lost their jobs, but the Government has those "unfortunate" people on Welfare. Now they live their normal lives. Several thousand Chinese were employed for cheap labor in the new mints.

The U.S. dollar bill now has a new design, nearly the same as the old. The only difference is: under the bottom left serial number the bill has small text saying "Made in China". "People won't notice the difference," says U.S. Treasurer Anna Cabral. "The difference is so slight and we are saving so much money. It's a win-win situation." Not until the people figure it out, Anna. Several thousands of protestors stood outside of the U.S. Treasury building, protesting the fact that money was made in china.

It appears money will continue to be made in China, so the best we can do is live with it. Or burn all of the money that says "Made in China" on it.


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