UnNews:The Backyardigans are now castaways

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June 25th, 2021

Looks like Pablo ain't gonna be a super spy!

It appears that the cumming idiots known as The Backyardigans are now known as castaways, it all started when they were going to go to Japan on their sailing ship, however their ship tipped and was going down because the rain began to rain and the wind began to whip, surprisingly, nobody died although Uniqua suffered from serious injuries, then proceeded to cum all over the boat. So they got on their lifeboat so they wouldn't drown, which brought them to a motherfucking island known as Isle de Corales. Sadly, Uniqua died 2 days later due to malnutrition and blood loss, and cummed for her last time. While saying her last words "castaways, we are castaw...".

Now there is a Search and Rescue going on, but the FBI is going through their search history for porn, N-Word passes and online piracy. And eating a burger then eating a sandvich.

Now Pablo, Ausin, Tyrone and who else was here are mourning the loss of Uniqua, but it looks like Pablo ain't gonna get the super spy job anytime soon!