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30 November 2011

Robert Downey Jr. is receiving full support from fellow mentally unstable actor, Mel Gibson

Los Angeles, California – The apparently famous actor, Robert Downey Jr. was released from the hospital today, having been admitted for "exhaustion".

When he awoke this morning, he would not respond to his name and would only go by "Ironman". This further confused him when they insisted that Ironman was not only fake, but also went by Tony Stark. Doctors suggest that the amount of drugs and alcohol he's done may have had nothing to do with this, as they were paid to say so.

The actor has just finishing up working on a film where he yet again portrayed Tony Stark as Ironman and was prepping up for Ironman 3, and was signing on to do five more Avengers movies, as well as seven more Ironman movies, and 19 cameo appearances in future Marvel films.

Friends and colleagues showed Downey the films he'd been in, trying to convince him that he's an actor. When Downey learned he was a washed up former drug addict, he asserted even harder that he is Ironman. He's now using his money to make this a reality. Claiming "Why the hell wouldn't we make this shit for real? CGI, fuck that". He's hired many cybernetic scientists to create an actual working Ironman suit.

Psychologists are baffled that his brain would grasp onto this character and not something that would actually be more useful to the world, such as Sherlock Holmes. Many speculate it's because Robert Downey Jr. didn't pull off Holmes convincingly enough, even to himself.

This just in: Robert Downey Jr. believes in the existence of extra-terrestrials on Earth.