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Thursday, February 18, 2021

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The blizzard at 7:30am EST(12:30 UTC), on February 18. Note it rapidly consuming Long Island.

Winter Storm Uri(or Viola, at this point me, along with millions of people have no fuckin idea what blizzard is which), is about to pound Long Island with 4-8 more inches of snow, as the previous snow finally melts. However, Long Island is kinda on the edge, so they may be spared from the horrible destruction elsewhere(I hear Uri killed 33 people now?) And Viola is also joining in on the fun, so its both. Crap. (And nobody cares if I mix them up, everyone else does, too!) The only good thing is, at 6:45 pm EST(23:45 UTC), there is a break. When does it end? It will be on and off Friday morning. Yes, this is crappy and bad. EVERY FUCKING TIME SNOW MELTS, MORE SNOW COMES!! And there is another winter storm about to be named over Texas.

The snow began between 7:15am EST(12:15 UTC) and 7:25am (12:25 UTC), and began to stuck between 7:40am EST(12:40 UTC) and 7:45am EST(12:45 UTC). The rain snow line will be so far south, don't even get your fuckin hopes up. Nobody cares, and you will just be sad. Also I may have lied on this being the tip, it will actually get all the way up to Interstate 90, in the coming hours. This is your pre-8AM EST(13:00 UTC) forecast. This spree of winter storms should stop, but it might not. Wow, we might exhaust all TWC names.

7:45 AM-1:45 PM(12:45-18:45 UTC)[edit]

The first part of this, with radar assisting, is saying it will punch through Long Island, Connecticut and evantually Rhode Island, so prepare your anuses! The rain snow line will be far to the south, not crossing 40°N, and its coming down hard enough to stick(even though it shouldn't matter). Will it melt quickly? No.

Minimal melting Friday and over the weekend, possibly more snow, some decent melting during the week.

1:45PM-6:45 PM(18:45-23:45 UTC)[edit]

This we have to go without radar, this is until the snow stops, as storms transfer and there is dry air, and by this point 3-6 inches will have fallen, but it will be worse as no wind will blow it away.

6:45 PM-11 AM(23:45-16:00 UTC)[edit]

This is basically just on and off snow, so don't go anywhere as snow might fly in your face, unless you can know for a fact that it ended. Then the storm should pull away and/or dissipate(probably the latter).

2:15 PM EST (19:15 UTC) update[edit]

We are providing a very rare intermittened forecast to say, (1) it might rest from around 5:45 pm EST (22:45 UTC), but no more then six hours. Also, its icing right now,