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This new AI product uses an advanced neural network

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

DELAWARE -- Lory Stuart, owner of an innovative new IT startup, announced their plans to integrate advanced AI features into their latest product. They said in an interview with UnNews that not only does their product use AI, but it implements advanced AI developed by professional data scientists from across the world.

Their AI products are based on an advanced neural network program developed by data scientist Bryce Stuart, using approximately 948,815 data points to develop outcomes that fit your unique situations, allowing for cutting-edge search and typing predictions to personalize your device for you. It can sometimes gather up to 158,791 of its data points from input sources such as your biometric data, health information, gallery files, and more.

Bryce Stuart predicts that this AI will, in the years to come, be able to perform operations deemed impossible for human brains, such as stuffing turkeys with turkeys, huffing landmines, and dividing by zero. In a 30 minute interview with CNN, he also highlighted the fact that the advent of quantic computing will push the limits of AI to a point where it will be able to represent the universe from outside, displaying the last digits of Pi or guessing what I have in my pockets.