UnNews:New historical evidence suggests Wilde may have been homosexual

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A picture, believed to be of Oscar Wilde

The literary world was shocked today as newly uncovered evidence indicates that famed British author Oscar Wilde may have in fact been homosexual.

Previously believed to have been as butch and manly as a sausage roll, letters purporting to be from Wilde addressed to an individual identified only as "Bruce" now suggest that Wilde may not have been as heterosexual as the finest historical minds previously believed.

Movement is now underway to remove Wilde's texts from school syllabusses, in order to prevent impressionable children from being influenced by the author's writing.

"I am shocked and appalled by this new study." said School Board director J. T. Rehackenblecken. "If we can't trust poets and playwrights from the 19th Century to enforce heterosexual red-blooded, Christian values, who can we trust?"

The impact of this evidence has prompted great waves in the way history is studied. "Prior to ths, we'd assumed homosexuality had been invented in the mid-1960s; all the literature takes for granted that its subjects are straight as a die. With this out, we're forced to rethink everything. We can't assume anybody's heterosexuality any more, not even Noel Coward."