UnNews:New Zealand complains that they are NOT on the world map

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New Zealand is whining over this???

Saturday, May 18, 2019
New Zealand is yet again whining over them not on the world map. In an interview recently with New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern, it is said that she was "angry because New Zealand was not on the map at Paris Airport". Many worldwide organizations are working hard to fix this problem. US President Donald Trump, after being asked about this, said, "New Zealand is complaining too much. It's just an error, and we can fix it. Right?" Turns out New Zealand possibly wont recover from their temper.


New Zealand is left off many world maps. It's been left off maps at IKEA, in airports, on globes, etc, etc. And we also know that Donald Trump always has a say in everything (don't believe me? just look at his tweets on Notre Dame!). This news report was made as a joke. It has not been made to offend anyone. If anyone has a problem with it, please contact me.

Signed, UnJVTA, Official author of this news article.