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15 July 2009

Americans Stop Satan's Homosexual Open Liberal Extremism has called a press conference outside of McDonald's headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, this Wednesday, July 16 2008, in support of the Christians Only until Christ's Kingdom boycott of this fast-food giant. Joining Americans Stop Satan's Homosexual Open Liberal Extremism and Christians Only until Christ's Kingdom will be representatives on Counsel of Liberty, Integrity and Truth and other pro-family advocates. These groups have sent the following flyer to a number of churches across the United States, along with most major media outlets, in order to promote the event.

Mrs liberty unliberal.jpg AMERICANS STOP SATANS
This page contains some material that is not suitable for anyone under 95 years of age.
Why does McDonalds look upon our defence of our faith and the sanctity of marriage as hate? TAKE ACTION: Go to your local McDonalds' store and refuse to purchase one of their burgers until they give in. For more information about the Christians Only until Christ's Kingdom press conference at McDonalds' world headquarters, read on.

Blessed Brethren (and Sistren),

He even looks like a Homosexual loving Liberal.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the latest blackmail campaign WE HAVE had leveled at us by the left wing, liberal media. They state that we have been using A SUBLIMINAL CAMPAIGN to our postings in order TO GENERATE FEELINGS OF HATRED and antipathy towards those who practice the sinful acts of homosexuality. Before I continue, let me first say that these accusations are unTRUE and unfounded, and those that have made these claims should be ashamed of themselves.

WE HAVE, As a matter of POLICY, denied the accusation OF MANIPULATION.

Note that McDonalds, in THEir attempt to push Liberal BIAS WEakly HAVE used the word OF the day, HATE as applied to critics OF pro-HOMOSEXUALS. WE HAVE reached the point in our society society routinely equates those who support the bible with HATRED. Sadly, pro-homosexual diversity AND policy is becoming the code word for anti-CHRISTIAN BIGOTRY, as we at Americans Stop Satan's Homosexual Open Liberal Extremism have EXPERIENCEd before.

WE at Americans Stop Satan's Homosexual Open Liberal Extremism must hold tight to our beliefs, NEVER once FORGETting that what we stand for; not THE HATRED that we are accused of, but the natural family and pure love.

(Also see Americans Stop Satan's Homosexual Open Liberal Extremism's story about the founder of OutRAGE magazine, outRAGEously equating this writer (and Christians Only until Christ's Kingdom) with racist pro-slavery advocates of the past. I have never heard a strANGER accusation in my life. Click HERE for our response to Visconti’s UGLY and, yes, HATEful ANALogy.) We must point out people caught up in homosexuality to the possibility of chANGE Right now, because WE KNOW WHAT RIGHT IS for them!


Christians Only until Christ's Kingdom writes July 10, 2008: McDonald’s: those opposing SSM motivated by hate

We will take the protest to the streets and argue our point with all due ellerquence.

Throwing out any preTENSE of being neutral in the CULTure war, McDonald’s HAS taken up the rhetoric of fagGOT EXTREMISTS activists, suggesting those who WHO oppose same-sex “marriage” (SSM) ARE MOTIVATED BY HATE.

Christians Only until Christ's Kingdom (COCK) has asked for ALL RIGHT-WING CHRISTIAN GROUPS to boycott McDonalds. McDonalds has REFUSEd TO LISTEN TO REASON!

In response to the COCK, McDonalds spokesman suggested to the WEstern Post that those who oppose same sex marriage (SSM) motivations ARE hAte, saying “… HATE has no place in our CULTure.” McDonalds has decided to pursue AND adopt the “HATE” theme, a theme FUELED by left wing EXTREMISTS and communist groups for years.

McDonalds went on to say “WE ARE fully in support of going BACKWARD to a simpler, gentler time. However, this THINKING does not fit in with the MORals ONce So aptly displayed by this great country.

WE HAVE determined that THIS INSANE policy of support for SSM will chANGE Round once we have protested. McDonalds will have to do a huge turn-AROUND once they see what will happen once (COCK) AND Americans Stop Satan's Homosexual Open Liberal Extremism (ASSHOLE) JOINING TOGETHER.

WE WANT to work together, with the support of Counsel of Liberty, Integrity and Truth (CLIT) AND COCK STANDING TOGETHER we can then, and ONLY then, make a change.

WE ARE embarking on A GROUP OF actions that will make McDonald's change its stance towards supporting marriage for HOMOsexuals. PHOne BESstal Greene, Chairman of McDonalds America to register your complaint today.

Thank you for your support,
BrIan GOTthard,
Founder AND Chairman
Americans Stop Satan's Homosexual Open Liberal Extremism (ASSHOLE)