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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Webcomic artists like Hiimdaisy have approached UnNews since this incident occurred, claiming that they always suspected that some of their fans enjoyed the comics a little too much.

Controversial online vlogger, and personality with influence, Logan Paul continues to get himself in trouble over his numerous antics. After suspending his daily vlog for several weeks due to the backlash he faced for using a dead body he found for clickbait and views, Logan found himself in hot water almost immediately after making his comeback, due to getting sued for a gimmick he pulled during his comeback vlog.

In his comeback video, titled "LOGAN PAUL IS BACK!", Logan notices a few dead rats outside of his house, and films himself and his friends trying to dispose of them. During this, Logan also tasers some of the dead rats for "breaking and entering", because that shit's supposed to be funny for some reason.

It didn't take long for this act to trigger its own backlash, as Logan is now being sued by electronic dance music producer and suspected deadmau5 rival deadrat6.

"Logan Paul went too far this time." said the attorney of deadrat6 in a statement "My client had been planning to launch a major comeback tour of his own. A key gimmick for the tour involved tasering actual dead rats on a live stage in order to incorporate the tasering and crackling sounds for his new compositions. We find it way too coincidental that Logan Paul would use the exact same gimmick for his own vlogs. We believe that Logan Paul has stolen our idea and abused it for his own selfish purposes. Logan Paul has infringed on our intellectual property!"

Logan's attorney has denied all charges, and hinted at the possibility of recruiting deadmau5 for counter-suing deadrat6 for trademark and copyright infringement. When reached for comment, deadmau5 stated "Dear God, don't drag me into this shit! Oh, and fuck Logan Paul."