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Thursday, November 24th, 2022

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Recently, the goverment of Dubai has been critiqued by western media outlets such as Fox News (the most trustable and unbiased news source in the USA) for quote “not producing enough oil”. The Middle East is famous for 60% of the worlds oil, 75% for exporting and supporting terrorism and 80% for bearded women world export. The OPEC called this news fake and proceed to increase oil production around 1000%, making barrel price the same of a mug full of coffee. Supposedly Dubai has been moving away from oil for revenue and towards tourism (yep, sexual) and humongous solar farms in the middle of nowhere for revenue. This is supposedly because of “climate reasons” and “eco-freindly policies” and junk like that. The minister of oil commented the news as true but wanted to clarify that he hopes the world should be pleased by oil reduction because now he finds himself out of work, scavenging dog bowls for food. We instead believe that they should just produce more oil to keep them rich because let’s be real, all the tourism is going to Qatar for the World Cup and, solar farms only work in the day which is only half of the day, nevertheless is too late for saving the planet but it is never too late for smelling the good scent of tar in the morning, go to buy some gasoline, now!