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7 January 2007

A number of stars have being lined up for the first series as special guests in what CBS are hoping will become their flagship show.

HOLLYPUSTULE, California -- CBS have announced a new series as part of their Spring programming, entitled I Love Lucifer. Featuring Beelzebub and real life partner Desi Arnaz, the show is scheduled to run for 14 episodes, starting on the 21st January.

Many people consider the show to be a shameless grab for an increase in viewing figures based on Beelzebub's current popularity. Beelzebub (real name Ba‘al Zebûb), who was recent voted Otherworldly Creature of Evil 2006, beating off stiff competition from Cthulhu (winner in the years 2004 and 2005), and Michael Bublé (runner up 2004) to the title.

In a statement from his New Jersey home, Beelzebub announced "I have being hoping to have my own show since featuring in Milton's Paradise Lost and a bit part in Star Trek: Next Generation. Obviously I'm really happy to have this chance to shine, and hopefully people will be able to see a different side to me. I'm very excited."

With his trademark shock of red hair, Beelzebub is considered by many within the industry to be a difficult person to work with, but this has not stopped a large selection of Hollywood B-List celebrities from signing up to guest star in the forthcoming series.