UnNews:Australia names Mike Gibbons as October's 'National Fart Month' 2023 Ambassador.

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Monday, October 2, 2023

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'Fart AmbASSador' Mike 'Stinky' Gibbons.

Australia names podcasting host Mike Gibbons as National Fart Month AmbASSador.   Australia’s premier rectal health campaign is held annually through October. Celebrations however occur the rest of the year particularly by boys in elementary schools, men in professional wrestling matches, and in small motor boats and tents on fishing trips amongst grey-haired, ambulation challenged friends. [1]. Formerly ‘Oh Good GOD, What the HELL was THAT Month?!’, National Fart Month is now one of the biggest not-for-profit rectal constructicide events in Australia. OSHA despises this event.

The awareness campaign is organized, of course, by busy-body Event Coordinators and is a favorite of stinky snot-nosed foul-mouthed ungrateful striped collared shirt wearing kids. Because odiferous farm animals are placed in strategic locations across each city the campaign places thousands of civilians in the stink versions of a double suplex.  The goal:   Delivery of completely unnecessary ill-timed rectal health information to the masses. National Fart Month is sponsored by the largest supplier of gas to Australia, an Australia-based end of life charity, and The Salty Gnome Cafe. In 2023 the campaign will take place between October 1 and October 31, with every 3rd day off to bury the dead.

Farts, Australian for “I Love You!”
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