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Archive from April 24, 2014, 09:21 UTC by DavidKimArchives

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Weed-2.jpg Brian Comaba

Up and coming rapper!!! I even met Das Racist a year ago! Buy my mixtapes on datpiff. My BD: 21 Dec 1993.
New York City

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Weed-2.jpg Jan 2, 2014Brian Comaba @Comaba

New twitter:@officialcomaba, follow me there. Btw, The Sierra Tour ends on Jan 16, get tickets to the final leg :)

Weed-2.jpg Dec 25, 2012Brian Comaba @Comaba

GET my new fucking tape!!: Legacy. Also RIP Steez!! #LONGLIVESTEELO

Weed-2.jpg Dec 24, 2012Brian Comaba @Comaba

New tape out tommorow :-)

Twitter-logo.png Oct 11, 2012Twitter (official) @twitter

How are you doing today boo? ;]
Twitter retweet icon.jpg Retweeted by Brian Comaba

Weed-2.jpg Apr 15, 2012Brian Comaba @Comaba

I ran for my life and then the smoke got me I got bronchitis!! Ain't nobody got time for that!!!!

Weed-2.jpg Mar 30, 2012Brian Comaba @Comaba

I srsly hope my fuckin bitch ass nigga that's my roommate won't ruin the trap tnight 😒

Weed-2.jpg Mar 26, 2012Brian Comaba @Comaba

>:-O ------> RT @newyorkhill69: @Comaba i wuld like to 89 yo roomie

Erik the viking.jpg Mar 26, 2012erik @newyorkhill69

@Comaba i wuld like to 89 yo roomie
Twitter retweet icon.jpg Retweeted by Brian Comaba

Weed-2.jpg Feb 16, 2012Brian Comaba @Comaba

im officialy gonna release the new tape this year!! :-]

Flower painting.PNG Nov 3, 2011So Fly @flowaSoFly

@Comaba Yo shit slaps homie!
Twitter retweet icon.jpg Retweeted by Brian Comaba

Weed-2.jpg Jul 27, 2011Brian Comaba @Comaba

New video:"all in" OUT NOW!!

Weed-2.jpg May 29, 2011Brian Comaba @Comaba

my fuckin roomie is so annoying i want to beat his bitchass up

Weed-2.jpg Apr 5, 2011Brian Comaba @Comaba

i got arrested by the bitchass police last month cuz i had some grape juice on me while boarding the train

Weed-2.jpg Jan 31, 2011Brian Comaba @Comaba

new music vid: "1945" out now!! watch it on my website!:

Winehouse.jpg Oct 30, 2010Amy @prettywinehouse

RWJ is nerdy as fuck
Twitter retweet icon.jpg Retweeted by Brian Comaba

Weed-2.jpg Aug 23, 2010Brian Comaba @Comaba
WTF ive seen this shit happening all over the news can somebody plz explain to me wtf is happening?!

Weed-2.jpg Aug 14, 2010Brian Comaba @Comaba

new music vid: "chpt. 1" out now!! watch it on my website!:

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