Three-phase electric power

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Three-phase electric power is a concept widely taught at university level engineering schools. It was invented by sadistic professors who thought it would be funny to trick students into thinking the 3 power transmission lines were transmitting the same amount of voltage offset by 120 degrees.

Origin of the hoax[edit]

When Alessandro Volta discovered methane by farting, he decided to explain his discovery by telling his students that each fart was the result of three-phase electric power.

Defining the bullshit[edit]

In order to understand the bullshit being taught in engineering schools, a student must pretend her professors know what they are talking about. This can be difficult, because the average janitor knows more about electrical engineering than most university professors.

Benefits of three-phase electric power[edit]

One of the most important benefits of three-phase electric power is the ability of professors to use this concept as an excuse to give their students a failing grade. Another benefit of three-phase electric power is that very few professors understand this hoax, which gives the professors that are knowledgeable about the hoax a huge advantage over everyone else.

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