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Hello & welcome to Turd world. This is Turd world, a world which is totally a giant turd. Here in Turd world you can enjoy the magnificent stench of turd, the lovely Turd people and the turdish culture. We really hope you have a great time and lots of fun in our beloved homeland of Turd world!

If you came to visit us here in Turd world then you must be coming from 1st or 2nd world. That is, America, Canada, or Unturdistan. Unturdistan's name in Turdish is Turkey. They used to be part of Turd world, until they became a bit more Western. Then they became more Eastern again, so they are now considered 2nd world. Because they decided to leave the Eurovision Song Contest, so they are now considered too redneck & trashy for 1st world. So they are 2nd world.

Turd world problems[edit | edit source]

The biggest problem of Turd world, beside being a turd, is that we don't know how to write decent Uncyclopedia paragraphs. We just rumble all kinds of bullshits until the paragraph looks dignified enough, that is, size-wize. One of the major problems with that problem is the issue of typing using the turd keyboard. Typing can be very hard that way. That is why I totally sound like Borat right now. But in turd world we cannot afford non-turd keyboards. So we are using a turd one. That is, a smartphone keyboard. Because Turd world IS a smartphone. My smartphone, to be accurate. My smartphone = Turd world. Not Madagascar. Not Palestine. My smartphone. This is the only Turd world in the world. And yours too. Every time you go to the bathroom and use the smartphone while taking a dump, keep that in mind.

Turd world war[edit | edit source]

Turd world is currently in an ongoing war with 1st world. 1st world needs Turd world to die, if it wants to continue being 1st world. Until then, articles like this, with no pictures and bad grammar, will continue to exist. And the capital city of Turd world, Instagram, will continue to exist. And maybe even host the Eurovision one day. You don't believe me? Try watching Homeland season 4 again, only this time, everytime they say Islamabad, think about Instagram. Makes more sense, right? Remember, this is WAR. Turd world must DIE.

Bono[edit | edit source]

Bono is great. His smartphone sucks ass, though.