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For making UnNews stories that look like they came from a fancy website or something. Use the inputbox below to start writing.

Common parameters

|date =
|image =
|caption = 
|story =

All parameters

|type =
|credit =
|avatar =
|date = 
|image = 
|caption =
|audio =
|story = 
|sources =
|footer = 
|footer2 = 


  • type: Header above the news story title, to label the genre or subcategory of the story, like on real news sites. Defaults to the default "in the news" label. Uses color-coded labels when using the supported parameters from {{UnTribune/type}}, which are currently: entertainment, editorial, health, human (human interest), money, tech (technology), and politics.
  • title: Title of the news story, defaults to the page name of the article (minus the namespace) using {{SUBPAGENAME}}.
  • credit: Writers can credit themselves, or fictional characters, or famous people, if they please. Defaults to "staff", which is a complete lie, but it looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • avatar: Author image. Don't include the File: part of the file name.
  • date: The date. Duh. Please use the D M Y date format (i.e. 3 October 2020).
  • image: Main news story image. Don't include the File: part of the file name. For images within the story parameter, just use normal Wiki image syntax, with the image type thumb.
  • caption: Caption for the image. Image captions look different than main text. That's about it.
  • audio: If your article has audio, add it here without the File: prefix.
  • story: Where you put the text for your story. This part is important.
  • sources: Lists the sources. Use a bulleted list and the {{cite web}}, {{cite news}} or {{source}} templates.
  • footer: Footer text, by default says "This article is part of UnNews, your source for up-to-the-minute misinformation." Use this parameter if you want to change the footer text.
  • footer2: Use this to add a new line of footer text after the default UnNews message. You can also use it with footer, but why would you, what's the point.