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This could have been so funny, and I was hopeful that it might be at first, but it's just really stupid. Kind of like when Saturday Night Live got just really useless and lame and you thought to yourself "this is always so stupid why do I bother watching" and you turned off the t.v.

Whoever took all the time in the first place, go back and fix it so that's it's funny and doesn't waste my time. Otherwise, the joke's on you and you're the dumb ass - not Stephenie Meyers.

Somebody expand this.

_______________________________________ -This isn't funny, it's just mean. This is also in poor writing, so maybe the stupid person who made this should take a pointer from Mrs. Stephanie Meyer

-Actually, it is quite funny. If you don't like it, re-write it. I don't care. Can't you die-hard Twilight fans ever have a sense of humour? It hurts because most of what I said about her is sort of true. :p --AoifeB379 22:13, 19 August 2009 (UTC)

-I agree. That article is more true than any bullshit you would find about her elsewhere. It's nice to see that somebody recognises Twilight/ Stephanie Meyer for who it/ she is.

-Honestly, this article provides a couple laughs. If stephenie meyers herself is not creating an uproar over this article she obviously has grasped the concept people have their own opinions and viewpoints, so she can not try to please everyone. (especially when she is reducing the worlds tree population by 63%! i bet she caused acid rain too, and since she's obese, he's increased methane emissions!) :] whoever wrote this, thanks for the laughs, to everyone who complains, just click the x button for this tab/window and never read it again, problem solved :D

-Stephenie Meyers is also a member of the KKK, Neo-Nazi association, and the George Bush administration as Bush's legal "reader" as during his presidency, Meyers would read the presidents documents to him.

-I am a fan of the series/movies, but not a huge obsessive fan. This "article" had me on the floor laughing well done to whoever did this. Very funny.

-This is genious, pure knowledge. Thank you, endeavoring writer for providing us with the truth.

- Ignore all the above criticisms ... Clearly just Twilight fans taking offence at being identified as morons.