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How this page came about[edit source]

One fine summer's day in 2010 I glanced upon a new users' user page. Langlang2013, it seemed, was fibbing. Bad noob! He was pretending to be logging on after coming back from vacation, and wanted to tell his old buddies at Uncy about the wonderful Rolex watch he had discovered in Hawaii. Could this noobie just be a salesmen, a hustler for the Rolex corporation? I scolded and spanked him on his talk page for what he had done. Then, remembering Rule Two, I decided instead to make it up to him by writing an article about his company. I asked him to give me some ideas, or to correct me if I happened to get something wrong. But he ran away, or snuck away, or something, but away. So I was left on my own to continue to write the page while eagerly awaiting his criticism or praise. Since I didn't hear back from our new noobie, I would ask anyone from the Rolex corporation who happens to read the page to let me know what I got wrong, if anything. And for promoting their fine product, maybe they can send me a watch. One with lots of dials and sticks. I'd like that, because there is nothing that compares to a Rolex. Except maybe for pet rocks, which just sit there too. Only Rolexes' have things that go round and round and round, which would fascinate my neighbors' autistic son no end. Aleister 20:25 2 7 MMX

Isn't this something for the early years? Egytians used it too... R7 (NL) 13:24, July 20, 2010 (UTC)