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I hate to overwrite your article and to explain a joke, but...

  • "A river runs through it." River Phoenix was to play the Brad Pitt role in the movie.
  • Phoenix is a city in Arizona, USA bordered by Scottsdale.
  • River Phoenix's siblings are Joaquin, Rain, Liberty, and Summer.
  • Rain is in a band called "Papercrane", which I assume sucks or "stinks" like the sulfur from a paper mill.
  • Joaquin had made some inane comment about frogs eating his brain.
  • River Phoenix had several drugs in his system when he died at the Viper Room: heroin ("Persian Brown"), marijuana, cough syrup, and cocaine.
  • River Phoenix appeared in the movie "Stand By Me". Which featured a scene with private-eating leeches and a dead body near a body of water.
  • River Phoenix also appeared in the movie "Own Private Idaho".

Feel free to edit, I don't care. Sid Precious 23:41, 10 June 2007 (UTC)