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I write it after sleeping with Dr Millon's giant therapy book for months. I was his fan at first when he cursed the abusers, sadists and unpunished antisocials, showing empathy to the victims, that the abusers’Karma will come. However, things were getting wrong when I saw how he blamed the victims: like a tyrant (tyrannic sadist) he mocked that masochists are responsible for tempting the abuser by giving them good chances; like an enforcer (enforcing sadist) he accused Negativists that they must be punished for defying the abusers and their rules. He was morally inconsistent, and he showed his true color when addressing antisocials: their personality, if used wisely (undetected?), is beneficial for survival. In the end he remained a social controller like most psychologists and psychiatrists, who hunt the lower class no matter they submit or not. There's no way to break the double bind Millon created, because the powerful must feed on destruction of the weak, as described by second law of thermodynamics. That's why we need the existence of an incorruptible absolute to balance the destructive nature. User:Silver Cobra/sig