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Skinfan13's last PLS article to review, thank God...[edit]

Humour: 7 I'm burned out at this point. This is a shit-ton of articles to give a legitimate look-over, and I've done my best. And yes, I read your article all the way through, but I won't be putting many comments here as I'm tired and want to go to sleep soon. And some will bitch and moan about that last bit because I scored this one higher, but I stand by my technique and I read every article in its entirety.

So here we go. You actually have a good sense for funny lines, and despite this article's flaws (like the need for someone to copy-edit this thing), you've inserted some pretty good jokes. Basically, this article suffers more from lack of editing and formatting than it does from content. Overall, you've got a good thing going on here for the most part.

Concept: 6 Straightforward parody of a chemical compound. Not too many ways to creatively approach this subject, so I'm giving you an above average for pulling it off without fucking it up. Was happy to see you poking fun at the Chinese over their disgusting smog too. And thanks for linking to Chicken lol.
Prose and formatting: 5.5 This article is in desperate need of copy-editing. The format needs to be broken up so its easier to read, more sections, paragraph breaks, a review of the blue-links (some repeat, some words could use a link to a good article *cough* Earth *cough*). Generally, there are spelling problems, and syntax and grammar issues. Nothing a little editing, possibly from an outside source to provide some diversity in tone, will do wonders for this article.
Images: 6.5 slightly above average images. Mostly stock images of chemicals and crap, but I do like the sweat shop and the dead chicken. Your captions are appropriate in content, but you need to shorten them a bit. A block of text in paragraph form isn't exactly the best way to go with those...
Miscellaneous: 6 Needs work, but still a solid effort, this is going to be in my top 5 I believe. And with that, I'm done.
Final Score: 31
Reviewer: -- Sf13 Upsilonsigmasigmacrest.PNG 0151 EST 8 FEB 2011