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Haha it looks like someone raided the recent "Most Popular Girls Names in the US" for the first lady.

witty reply[edit]

hey.........................shut up.

clever fix[edit]

Added a few names from the show. Say hello to first ladies Dolores Seinfeld, Lois Seinfeld, and George Seinfeld.

New first Ladies/Men[edit]

New people such as Carmen Sandiago Seinfeld, Jack Bauer the III and the IV Seinfeld, and Jolisa Seinfeld.

i saw bigfoot. you sonbitch.

Exciting news flash[edit]

This just in. The giant list of nonsensical first ladies makes no sense and is not funny. Now over to Warmonkey with more on this fast breaking deletion. Warmonkey 14:12, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

Where's the Talk Page?[edit]

I guess this is it. I don't hear anything. Hmm. Taking off.