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Can anyone put this in the guns section?

Weapons[edit source]


The game contains many weapons and by the time I have finished writing this there's probably two new ones that have been released...

Assault Rifle, Supressed AR & Heavy AR

The assault rifle is shit compared to any other gun... exempt for 2 inches in front of the enemy. It also has a heavy and suppressed variant but nobody uses them.

Sub Machine gun

There are two variants of this gun, the regular one and suppressed, though the suppressed one is still loud as fuck and does less damage than a cat pissing on your leg so I would recommend something else.

Tactical Shotgun

The tactical shotgun is a pretty decent shotgun... that's it, I have no jokes for this one... but the new purple and gold ones are fucking stronger than a damn nuke tied to a cinder block dropped directly on the enemies head and then drops the nuke from Hiroshima directly on their fat ass.

Pump Shotgun

If you don't find this gun in a game you're fucked... It is by far the best gun for short range medium range and sniping, doing what feel's like 500 damage per shot. I swear the number of times I had a Scar and I got fucking one shot by this fucking gun...

Suppressed sniper

This is a sniper, it does damage... what else do I say about a sniper... It shoots?

Burst Rifle

Fires slower than a regular assault rifle but people like it anyway.


You will 100% get fucked over by one of these while in the top 5. Also some wizards can ride them.


Goes about 3 feet and blows up in your face.


It's only good for destroying bases, and if you want to run out of small bullets in 5 nano seconds.

Bandage Bazooka

Heals your fellow ungrateful teammates. Not much more to say then that, except it takes up two slots in your inventory instead of one.

Harpoon Gun

Quite interesting to use, especially if you want to get one pumped by the person you hook to your location.

Pistol and Suppressed Pistol

The most crap guns in the game. You're more likely to like a facebook meme than pick up this gun.

Decoy Grenade

Creates duplicates of your player for no other reason than to annoy your opponents.

Proximity Mines

Explode when you get close to them, the end.

Their Virginity

It's basically indestructible. What can I say? That's how it works

Its too bad almost all of these weapons got deleted forever

Except for their virginity, no update can get rid of that.

-MegaGoat Contribs 20:33, 25 March 2020 (UTC)

U know what? imma wait until i'm auto confirmed and add this myself -MegaGoat Contribs 20:39, 25 March 2020 (UTC)

Add this[edit source]

Despite the fearmongering about Fortnite addiction, Fortnite is actually not designed to be addictive. Video game addiction and violence has been existent since 1947. (talk) 18:33, 31 December 2020 (UTC)