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Just to say it, don't test that command I put in there, technically it should delete the contents of drive C: 23:39, 29 Mar 2005 (EST)

That's probably not a good idea then... --Rcmurphy 23:42, 29 Mar 2005 (EST)

Well, really you don't want to take your computer and shake it over your head either, that's the joke of it, but some may be curious enough to wonder what evil thing this joke is and try it anyways so morally I felt compelled to make that comment. But if someone is foolish enough to not notice this discussion and try something writen on a joke based website then there is a problem between the chair and keyboard. 14:13, 30 Mar 2005 (EST)

Nah, leave it. It's up there with "Press F4 and ALT to get ops on IRC," which is funny every damned time because it works so damned often. (Though this is slightly more destructive. Users better be running Mozilla or Opera then!) - David Gerard 03:56, 25 Apr 2005 (EDT)
Thanks, good to know my sense of humour is appreciated. 00:43, 22 May 2005 (EDT)

but some people are idiots[edit]

Yes, but some people are idiots.

Maybe there should be a warning template: "DO NOT READ THIS WHILE STUPID"

Error is genius. It deserves an award --Heroicpenguin 18:30, 25 Aug 2005 (UTC)

Urkel heart.jpg You have won the Urkel Heart!

This Uncyclopedian is very smart,
annoying, and wears suspenders.

Well, I'd thank you for that, but that award seems more a punishment than a gift. Janizary 07:14, 6 Sep 2005 (UTC)

This article is great XD 07:05, 18 February 2006 (UTC)

I borrowed this 404 error[edit]

Sorry, I borrowed this, hope you guys don't mind. I credited you. Here's the article: Click me! :D – Preceding unsigned comment added by Jaiman1998 (talk • contribs)