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German playground[edit]

This article was created so that Germans could laugh at and insult those stupid little self-proclaimed Austrians which are - of course - still Nazis and hence still a part of Germany. Yeah this "joke" never ever gets old Germany, thanks.

On a more serious note though: The rules say articles should be funny, not plain stupid/insulting. Oh I know, I know, for germans, this article was a big laugh ^^ But I can hardly imagine what would happen, if I wrote something similar about our German "friends". They would probably run to the admins (crying) and try to get me banned forever or something :)

And so, instead of getting to the same level and writing something bad, i rewrote the majority of the article into something the general audience can understand... not only the german one.... and into something less insulting.--DracoFlameus 12:00, 10 December 2007 (UTC)