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If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can ever imagine

Obi-Wan Kenobi on strikes

Strike[edit | edit source]


Dog Strikes Again!!!

Basic strike formatting:

The word
Strike is a multi purpose word with many meanings.

  • To strike is to strike your leader of your workplace with his/her own piece of a regular sized quadrilaterally shaped object, commonly wood or cereal boxes. Resulting in a strike for other work members due to high levels of violence within his/her own workplace.
  • Stike can mean a strike within a bowling alley. This means that the 19 pins are all knocked over with one run and judging that no items of clothing are lost, the user may declare strike - allowing themselves to graciously prance around screaming and waving hands.
  • A strike can mean that you have committed a heroic act, "that's your first strike mister" would be a common saying to the hero-e.
  • Strike can mean strikeout but usually doesn't. it was invented by the great Paul Meredith of galaxy 12.

Strike is none of these however. They are all lies and I hate them.

Strike is a function used in Microsoft WordPad and Notepad, and most frequently Microsoft WordPad and Notepad, including such applications such as Microsoft Wordpad and Notepad. It had the basic format:
Word + Centerizored Horizontal Line = Strike format

Striker Strikes Again!!!
  • Much like barbed wire, words written in strike format are uncharacteristically hard to read.
  • However strike format brings a new interest in modern day textual revival, bringing communities together to stare in awe at the new formatting all which we have all come so much to enjoy.

“To strike is to be struck, so to be struck to is stroke. To stroke would be plain stupid”

Oscar Wilde on Strike

Types of Strikes

  • Bold Strike
  • Italicised Strike
  • small strike
  • no strike
  • invisible strike

Strike Striker Strikes Again!!!

Strike shows power in literacy. For example this candidate has used strike to emphasis the power of thine metaphors. Also notice the way the line differs in relative angle and original density. This could mean that the candidate has thought hard about the emphasis of his words conjunction to the similar adverbs and such like to really bring tension and interesting value to his/her text.