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S.W.A Logo
Wuh? Can't be arsed.

Syfo Rehmehen



S.W.A (an initialism for Syfo's With Attitude) is an English hip hop group from Radford, England, widely considered one of the world's most dangerous rap artists of the Gangsta rap sub-genre, closely associated with N.W.A and to an extent W.W.A. The origins of the group are unknown, but legend goes that a pissed off Bengali guy had had enough with a corrupt system and attempted to fight the man, recruiting several known ASBOs and releasing songs such as "Get Your Corporate Cock Out My Ear", "Straight Outa Radford" and "'Aint Nothin' But A Cheese String".


Besides Syfo "CockSmoker" Rehmehen (real name unkown), current members of SWA include:

  • Dr Gay
  • MC Ben(Dover)
  • DJ Likes Fellas
  • Arabian Battyclaaht
  • The D.I.C
  • Ben's Mum's Eazy (deceased)
  • Ice Lube

Associated acts include:

  • Lube Dick-In-My-Ass-Go
  • Fudgepac Shakur
  • Blotorious F.A.G
  • Gimme Arsehole
  • Gayo


The beginnings of a legend...[edit]

Radford-based MC and local badman Syfo Rehmehen was dropping lyrical bombshells by the age of 7. Being from a poor family, Syfo quickly became entwined in the game, hustlin' on street corners and giving head fo' bread. One day, when Syfo was spittin' some mad rhymes, an arabian battyclaaht (known as Arabian Battyclaaht) passed by, and was amazed by Syfo's poetic lines, such as: "I make your ho shoot her load when I whip out the chode" and "I take ecstacy rectally 'coz it acts more effectively". After a quickie and a short conversation, the two decided to form a rap-duo, and, since Syfo had enough attitude for two, coined the name "Syfo's With Attitude".


After realising that Arabian Battyclaaht was such a pumpilot, Syfo wanted to recruit more members. After a quick glance through his dad's phonebook, he found the numbers of tons of battymans who he could lure into a dark alley and "recruit". Dr Gay, MC Ben(Dover), DJ Likes Fellas, The D.I.C, Ben's Mum's Eazy and Ice Lube all had to walk it off.

The Rift[edit]

During the East-East-Midlands/West-East-Midlands turf war of the 80s, some of the Syfo's With Attitude became hostile towards one another. Syfo, realising it was all the Jew's fault anyway, stayed true to the game and instead went forward with his solo career, releasing "Syfo Fo Life" and "Always Been Into Dudes".

Reunion Tour[edit]

In 1999, all the former members (minus Ben's Mum's Eazy after he supposedly died of a broken heart. That and AIDs), reunited for a reunion tour named 'Back up the Back Alley'. This tour was of critical success, selling out in all major southern English counties and Jew-zones. The group also returned for a special performance in Nottingham's (the birthplace of Syfo himself) very own NG1 nightclub. The tour unfortunately had to be canceled after a double booking with known bum-bandit Elton John. Infuriated, Syfo challenged Elton to a gay off, claiming it was "on". Elton died at the age of 61.

Current Status[edit]

Hip Hop Harry was killed during the East Coast Vs. West Coast Rap Wars.
  • Syfo: Has now followed in the footsteps of many great rappers, and has gone to back to school. He is studying Home Economics and Gat Studies. He maintains he remains true to himself, insisting on still giving head fo' bread.
  • Dr Gay and Arabian Battyclaaht: Still producing music, their new collaborative album (set to be released in 2010) is called 'A Boat Ride Up the Cadbury's Canal' which includes the very famous and popular song 'Take A Ride up my Chocolate escalator'.
  • MC Ben(Dover): Is currently living on a road in Brighton, UK and can commonly be seen in high heels and fishnets getting picked up by rich Jews.
  • DJ Likes Fellas: Also living in Brighton with his long time boyfriend Pedro. Yes the one from a popular Tribe Called Quest song. They can often be found dogging in bushes around Brighton Town, off their heads on crack and taking ecstasy (rectally).
  • The D.I.C: Is a roadie for the Oprah Winfrey show.
  • Ben's Mum's Easy: Deceased (1995) after he contracted the H.I.V virus from an unknown source thought to be from sitting on the toilet seat after Dpole (member of WWA).
  • Ice Lube: Currently making many family films including; 'Is it in yet' and 'Is it in yet 2: The Chocolate Surprise' and 'XXX: The Return of the Battyclaaht' which also debuts former band mate and bottom lover Arabian Battyclaaht.



  • S.W.A and the Tosser
  • Straight Outa Radford
  • 100 Miles and Bummin'
  • 100 Miles and Bummin' Part 2: Still Walkin' it off
  • Efyl4sofys (Syfos4lyfe)

Notable Rhymes[edit]

Quoted from "100 Miles and Bummin'"[edit]

"Shootin' at some Puntos, hangin' out my beamer', pumpin chocolate log, droppin' cleveland steamer,

Sucking lots o' wang, chugging lots o' dong, toking it all day, jus' like a muthafuking bong,

Pimps up, hoes down, im a bad boy, sneaking into yo moma's bed, like a wooden horse in troy (year boii)

But i dont need to sneak, im a rather charming geek, when i whip out my wand she'll be on it all week."

Quoted from "Straight outta' Radford"[edit]

"Thanks to Syfo's workout plan, your mum gets paid to taste my wang,

Lubé thinks she likes it too much, but he only likes women when they hairy and butch

When they see me on the street they shout "Safe M8y boii, yah?", me and your mum go for distance, coz i sure skeet real far

But don't get me wrong, I'll fuck anything that moves, that means feet, claws, paws, hands or hooves."

Quoted from "Plenty of Vaseline"[edit]

"Like slick Rick, but I got a bigger dick, your time without this sausage is going TICK TICK TICK,

Like Hiroshima but with a lyrical bomb, like a Congolese native, your mum's bed is where I OM,

Like Clinton with the blow, top of the charts I go, I could run a bakery with all this dough,

Like my city gyal but I don't mind a hick, they ain't so peng but jahknows they suck dick (TRICK)"

Quoted from "Express Myself (All over your mum)"[edit]

"Call me King Bhangali, haters have to endure me, get flowers from ya'll mommas coz you know they adore me,

They's always a cat fight, to score my delight, I really like cats... and oh yeah... you shite"