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OMG, you'r in a quiz man!!

1. What's a quiz?

A. A quiz
B. A quiz
C. A quiz


2. What do you think of this quiz?[edit]

A. It's nice man.
B. Why am I making this quiz?
C. This is a quiz.

3. Is this pointless?[edit]

A. I 'm not sure why I 'm filling in this quiz, but it has a certain point.
B. This makes me think of philosophy, pointless questions have a point, this is very postmodern.
C. This is a quiz.

4. Is it an interesting idea to stop with this quiz?[edit]

A. No.
B. Yes.
C. Maybe.
D. This is a quiz.

5. Do you like the potatoes in this quiz?[edit]

This guys brains is a question mark, it's in the quiz man.

A. Only with onion sausage on it.
B. I like French Fries, ils sont très magnifiques, bonjour salut.
C. What is potatoes?
D. This is a quiz.

6. What do you think of the idea of this quiz?[edit]

A. Does this quiz have an idea?
B. I didn't know that a quiz can think.
C. What's a quiz like without an idea?
D. This is a quiz.

7. Quizes are cool, don't you agree?[edit]

A. What's the point of quizes?
B. Quizes suck, but this one has a point.
C. Quizes suck, this one too.
D. This is a quiz.

8. Do you like answering this quiz, or are you just wasting your time?[edit]

A. I 'm not sure, why do I have to answer this?
B. I m wasting my time.
C. I like answering this quiz.
D. This is a quiz.

9. This sucks[edit]

A. O rlly!?
B. No, it doesn't, why do you say this of your own quiz?
C. I don't think this sucks, I don't really get horny.
D. Is this guys brains in the quiz?
E. This is a quiz.

10. [edit]

A. Huh?

11. What do you think of this quiz?[edit]

A. It was nice.
B. It wasn't nice.
C. It was sexy.
D. This is a quiz.