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This page could get NRV'd, but I don't get a crap, because that will still give me seven whole days to fix it, right?

Procrastination is a method of effective time management by using the first % of the time allotted for a given project for -- Oh hang on, this woman I met once just logged onto AIM; I have to ask her what her year has been like so far.

Determining the value of [edit]

Dude! she's pregnant! screw t! I'll get to that later; I have to talk to her.

Ok sorry about that. Crap! Would you look at the time! I'm late for my rendezvous with that guy I met on the street a few hours ago. I am a naturally friendly person, what can I say?

Anyways, the value of , or the percent time allotted to FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

Sorry, the tree branch scratching at the window in the wind is really getting to me. I am going to go cut that damn branch. Might as well mow the lawn and trim the hedges while I am at it to.

Philospophical justification for procrastination[edit]

Sorry about that; ran over a tennis ball in the lawn mower so I got caught up looking for the thing. Never know when you are going to need a tennis ball, you know? Then on the way in, some pine needles brushed against my shirt so I had to go hand wash and dry it. I just don't trust those machines to handle the job.

Anyways, it has been postulated by many renowned philosophers and psychologists like Dr. Sigmund Freud that procrastination is a mental response to what the person percieves as -- Oh look at that! the neighbor has a new dog. It is SO cute. Maybe I can walk it for him; Thou shalt be good to thy neighbors or whatever, you know?

"A Nation of Procrastination"[edit]

Procrastination is a veritable epidemic that acts as an anchor to science. Heh, an anchor to science. Clever, isn't it? You know what? I think I am going to call some contacts on my cellphone and tell them about that one. Hell, that one is so great I might just get out the phone book and start flipping pages...

...Well look at that! 4628 read text messages in my cell phone. You know, my cell phone doesn't let you delete all messages in the inbox so I had better clear it now before it gets out of hand. Speaking of inbox...

...My god! 18922 read messages, and I can't delete these in bulk either! This could take a while...

Procrastination throughout history[edit]

You know what? no. Look at how much work I have put into this page. It would be unfair to judge the quality of this page just for its lack of citing events influenced or caused by procrastination throughout history. I mean, come on, I have better things to do. I refuse to write this section. I mean, Nobody cares if this one little insignificant section isn't done, right? And, if questioned about it, I can just say, "I forgot" or "You never told me I had to do that!" or, if I REALLY wanted to fool 'em, "Doing that would have resulted in a conflict of interest!"

Paradoxical Infinite Recursion Procrastinating the act of Procrastinating[edit]

Hey cool! People are active in IRC! But I can talk to them later. I had better get to writing this page.

Hey cool! People are active in IRC! But I can talk to them later. I had better get to writing this page.

Hey cool! People are active in IRC! But I can talk to them later. I had better get to writing this page.


Meh, I'll paste more of these lines in later.