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If you have any talent for art, you're probably an artist. If you don't but you know something about it, you're probably an art critic. If you have neither talent nor knowledge, you may very well be an art teacher - any of the above can make something up and add it here. We prefer the material to be formatted this way:

...that William Shakespeare started out writing plots for porn films?

It saves some editing time - precious editing time which I can then waste writing these explanations. Art is wonderful!

  • If you are interested in knowing what happens with the material you submit: it will be added to one of the random "Did you know" -templates on Art Portal page.
  • if you add a valid link to your sentence, it gains artistic value

New Did-You-Knows[edit]

Add your material here! Remember the asterisk (*) to facilitate subsequent editing.

  • ...that Picasso was gay?
  • ...that Beethoven went deaf due to all the Slayer gigs he attended?
  • ...that Man Ray was neither a real man nor a ray?
  • ...that Marcel Duchamp actually was a pipefitter, just like Joe Cocker?
  • ...that Morgan Freeman is also God?
  • ...that Cosimo de Medici was the actual painter of the Sistine Chapel, but that he gave credit to Michelangelo out of fear that he might attack him through a portal hidden in his toilet?