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Pie in the Face is a comical technique where an actor throws a pie into the face of another. It was invented by George Washington in 1913 BC, who found this very comical. This comical technique is very simple, here is a complete list of instructions on how it's done.

  1. Get a pie.
  2. Walk up to the person you want to throw the pie at.
  3. Aim for the face.
  4. Throw it into the face.
  5. Laugh cruelly at the person you have just thrown the pie at.
  6. ??????
  7. Profit!!!

In the event that you are likely to get hit with a pie, the best strategy is to duck, or keep your mouth wide open in the hope of eating a pie. The person throwing the pie at you might either hit another person or hit the wall or be very jealous that you have just eaten his pie. If the person hits another person, a pie fight might result. If at possible, keep away from those who are throwing pies, or you could likely get hit as well, although the opportunity of eating a pie can be too good to resist.

The Pie in the Face Game[edit | edit source]

The pie in the face game is a mechanical contraption. The person about to get pied gullible sticks his head through a hole. A board holding the pie, uses a catapult mechanism and swings forward pieing the person who stuck his head through the hole. The game was invented by Milton Bradley in 1970.

Not to be confused with "Pie to the Face!"[edit | edit source]

"Pie to the face!" is military jargon used to describe the event of a squad member's receiving a "Pie in the Face" from a Clown. Pies are the favoured weapon of the militant funny man (along with deadly flower-concealed water cannons) and the words "Pie to the face!" are usually proceeded by screaming from the victim and the sounds of frantic gunfire, running feet and/or a yellow to red level "Ruckus". Pies hurled in the average pie-fight do not warrant the use of "Pie to the Face!" as only those used by Clowns are filled with "God knows what but it hurts like hell".

Pieing a Celebrity[edit | edit source]

Celebrities are often the target of being pied, especially when they are in public. It gets a lot of media attention and embarassment. Here is a list of celebrities who have been pied.

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