Pentagram tic tac toe

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A game being played, pending whether to wipe out Jews or Nazis. Wipe the Jews out!!!

Pentagram tic tac toe is the United States government's method to select a random Axis of Evil target. The technique chooses two targets, and whoever wins gets to decide whether to bomb the crap out of the selected target or not. Our most beloved President Bush invented it while on a drunken rant on how he hated everything that is not American and wished to take over them. Later, the idea came to him while he was in a hangover, and he dashed naked to his secretary and told her. Subsequently, he vomited all over her desk just as she sent it to the CIA.

The CIA, getting the memo, put all of their brilliant minds together, along with the aid of a Grue and Captain Obvious. Many arguments erupted, involving the Grue attempting to eat everyone and Captain Obvious stating known facts, like how Jews suck. After a few days, the game was improvised and made official. It is now the official strategy of President Bush.

The Game[edit | edit source]

The most commonly used symbols in Pentagram Tic Tac Toe

This is a unique game developed by the United States government. Mainly, it is a version of Tic Tac Toe. However, there have been a few changes to it. It involves a pentagram enveloped by a circle. Inside the pentagram, there are spaces divided by lines. Usually, two players are involved.

How to Play[edit | edit source]

Here a player must select a symbol and put it in one space. The other player must choose a different one and put it in the space of their choice. The game is won when a player has three of the same symbols lined up in a row, column, or diagonally. Then, whatever the corresponding symbol of the victor represents, is destroyed.