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When I feel like I'm nothing, I think.. That somewhere, within the quantum foam of existence, amongst the very building blocks of reality, there exists a universe where I... am a X-men... That's so cool :3 - Someones facebook status

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What it is[edit | edit source]

Parallel universe is the universe that is parallel to every other existing universes. In this universe, everything is parallel to everything else. This could bring comforting thoughts sometimes. For example, when you are part of a team of lazy workers, where you are the only one actually doing everything you can to meet the deadline, then don't worry. There is someone in the parallel universe who does your work parallelly to you, and he's going through the same thing as you do. Well, I hope this comforts you somewhat.

Theories about it[edit | edit source]

Many people have stated what they think about this whole parallel business, but if we ignore those that don't care, we get a tiny number of people (0.0000000000006003% of the world's population) who actually waste their time discussing it. They can mostly be split into two distinct schools of thought:

  • "The Parallel Universe is out there" school (aka X-File fanboys)
  • "Parallel Universe = this universe" school (aka Weirdos)

These two schools are in constant battle with each other. Their furious discussions ravage the forums of the Internet, causing many to get the hell away from it. The followers of the X-File fanboy school claim this is ok, since there's a parallel universe out there, so the amount of people on the Internet is still double of what we think. Their counterparts, the school of Weirdos, claim that this will bring to the collapse of the Internet and life as we know it, because there is no backup universe. As for everyone else, they don't care. And for everything else there is the Manbearpig. The manbearpig creates riffs in time and space through bowel movements, and certain disturbances in its intestinal tract. Needless to say, the Manbearpig is a great threat to all of mankind. We are forming a task force to trap and take down the Manbearpig at his lair in the hollowed out nose of Abe Lincoln at Mount Rushmore. Call - 679-5518

What it looks like[edit | edit source]

NASA's best photo of the Parallel universe to date.

NASA has produced a number of photos of the Parallel universe (an example is provided to the right). As you can see, there's not much we know about the Parallel universe, but it sure looks like an interesting place thriving with life.

Are you serious? He looks like a mix of a Man, A bear, and a pig.

Time Machine[edit | edit source]

Upon the access of Time Machine, human can go to the future when people CAN actually go to the parallel universe. in most of the parrallel universes, they looks the exactly the same. only a 1e-1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 chance you can get in order to get to a paralel universe with 1 ym(not capital!) difference on a single electron.

Further resources[edit | edit source]

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