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Part 1[edit | edit source]

Multiple Choice has been practised by many famous leaders, such as George Dubya Bush.
Remember, no matter how many choices there may be, one is always correct.

This is Part 1 of today's test on Multiple Choice. Remember, from the reading, Multiple Choice is an impossible way to find an answer buried with 4 different choices.

Multiple Choice is:

  • (A) The act of having multiple choices, except when there is only one choice
  • (B) A choice of multiples
  • (C) A battle between Uncyclopedia and Wikipedia
  • (D) Multiplication of choices

It is most commonly used in:

You should _________________ when you use Multiple Choice.

  • (A) run
  • (B) eat
  • (C) walk
  • (D) Phone a friend

Part 2[edit | edit source]

In this part of the test, you will have eight choices instead of 4. Remember to think each one over carefully, because although there may be TWO answers, you must find the worst answer.

1. Are you bored of The Game This Test?

  • (A) Maybe if I had more time I would do better
  • (B) Maybe if I had enough money to pay my way past this test I'd do better
  • (C) ...No Comment...
  • (D) Why did you cross out The Game?
  • (E) lol this test is PWNED!!!11
  • (F) I've eaten the first half, so I really can't say.
  • (G) Um...hold on....let me get out the answers that I stole borrowed.
  • (H) No, this test is fun.

2. Why did you search for Multiple Choice in Uncyclopedia?

  • (A) I felt like it
  • (B) I can
  • (C) I was tired of reading articles like Oprah
  • (D) Itwas one of many multiple choices
  • (E) Why not?
  • (F) Because the search bar is addictive
  • (H) I didnt search for it, I got here with "Random page"

Bonus[edit | edit source]

These questions are specifically about hardly related topics. Except, they are harder.

12677768890, why did you receive this test?

  • (A) The public school system had nothing better to do.
  • (B) I cheated on the last one
  • (C) I shoved the class broom up my teacher's rectal cavity.
  • (D) Um........because I like white paper with scribbles on them
  • (E) I thought this was a political poll/survey.
  • (no one:) The name's actually prisoner 24602060451. Do you have any bread I can steal?
  • I never recieved any test, I'm in the control group. PLEASE, leave me alone until after the experiment!
  • (Haech) This is nothing but a vessel to demonstrate my godlike power to mere mortals like you.

4. Will you get 100% on this test?

  • (A) Because Oscar Wilde did, I can too!
  • (B) But you said this test wasn't possible, just because it's crossed off doesn't mean I can't read it!
  • (C) No, I always fail my tests. Painful, agonizing failure.
  • (D) I'M GONNA GET 200%!! TAKE THAT!
  • (9) Potatos
  • ($) Idk, but I do know I will get twenty million dollar, cuz i'm a player
  • (L) No, but I can console myself with th fact ai gotchur testEs last noight

Georgeo Bush would have gotten over a ninety on this test

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

This concludes today's test. Please don't check over your answers.