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Mountain Monsters is a TV show aired on Destination Make-Believe. It is a show about a group of hillbillies that try to find mysterious monsters, such as bigfoot and "The Orange Corn Monster of Florida". If the monster is Donald Trump, they put him in the sarlacc pit to be digested for 1,000 years. Otherwise, they make friends with the monster. Episodes usually end by having a crapping contest between each other. Their team name, A.I.M.S., stands for "Atrocious Investors of More Shit".

Common Monsters[edit]

Trapper after drinking sheepsquatch pee and barfing.

Most of the time, this team is trying to find some kind of bigfoot that nobody has ever heard of before. One example is the sheepsquatch, who exists for the sole purpose of pissing in people's eyes. Other monsters include dinosaurs such as the Lochness Monster and Patchi the Pachyrhinosaurus. While trying to capture some dragon, they got "grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for eternity" by Boris, apperently because Boris was on a slaying expedition under a terrorist organization known as the "Night 5 Sons," and didn't want them recording his actions.


"Mountain Monsters" is a completely fake show, and wouldn't fool a child. The monsters are almost always crappy CGI animation, with a few real exceptions (Trump, Patchi, etc.). Other than these few monsters, the show is entirely fake. It is a complete joke.


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