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Mirmo and his gang of slackers. But wait! Dylan isn't a worm anymore!

Mirmo (Mirumo as he is called in Japan) is a fairy (Muglox) from Muglox World who always steal and eat chocolates. Sometimes, he steals the biggest chocolate in the whole world.


Katie Minami (Kaede Minami as she is called in Japan) is an eighth grade bitch who loves Dylan Yuki (Setsu Yuuki as he is called in Japan and referred to as Yuuki in that country), a human-looking worm (maybe a centipede?) that always read books. Azumi Hidaka (referred to as Hidaka in Japan), her rival on love, was a transfer bitch on high school. One day, coming home from school, she walks into a mysterious shop with an elephant inside. She buys a gross-looking mug from that place, reads the instructions that has stupid letters, and went home. It says, "When you wish silently while pouring lukecold cocoa at the mug, a stupid-looking fairy will come out and grant your every wish." She followed it and announces to get together with the human-looking worm. Mirmo, the chocolate thief, appears at the mug.


To understand this topic, please look at Mirmo Characters, or Mirmo kicks your ass using hip attack.

Katie Minami (Kaede Minami in Japan) is a funny-looking bitch in eighth grade. Dylan Yuki (Setsu Yuuki in Japan) is a human-looking worm who loves to read books. Azumi Hidaka is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad bitch and Katie's rival. Kyle Matsutake (Kaoru Matsutake in Japan) is a funny-looking human that also transforms into a creature like a balloon or something... Mirmo (Mirumo in Japan) is the chocolate thief. Rima (Rirumu in Japan) is the fairy bitch who is a tough one and proposes Mirmo to marry her. Yatch (Yashichi in Japan) is the ninja fairy who likes chocolate pretzels. Mulu (Murumo in Japan) is Mirmo's brother who likes marshmallows.

Do you ever mind to read this?[edit]

Mirmo, the chocolate thief, turns into "a what thief". Well, you can guess, "a fucking thief", "a stupid thief", "a fucking stupid thief", "a nonsense thief", "a fucking, sutpid, nonsense thief" or whatever. Well, do you ever mind here? How did you ever know the "what thief" in a different way? Nope, this is the right way why "a what thief" is made. If your answer is "a fucking, stupid, nonsense thief", you're right! He is a fucking, stupid, nonsense chocolate thief. Yatch has also been "a what thief", too. Also, you're right. He is a fucking, stupid, nonsense UNDERWEAR thief. Well, there are tips how to prevent from chocolate theft.

Here we go, Mirmo was very sad because of the stupid chocolate that he stole yesterday, it was expired when he ate it.

(Warning: Don't do this. Mirmo's a fucking fictional character.) You're going to lose your time in this plan but, this may be playful and very, very stupid. First, you got a chocolate, right??? You had to play it, and don't ever open it and eat it, okay? (it is also one way to prevent chocolate theft, eat it first.) Second, you keep it in a ref. Then keep on playing it until you reached its expiry date. Now, you put that little chocolate on the windowsill, and Mirmo gets it. So you can watch and then Mirmo is frozen for three weeks. So you can repeat this procedure and Mirmo can't steal your chocolate anymore because of being poisoned or what. You're free to eat chocolates! Well, getting angry? There is no excellent plans but you had to think of something new. Start of something new!!!

How Mirmo was Made?[edit]

Mirmo was made because of six bitches. One bitch was taken away because of being stupid, so that's why Mirmo was stupid. The six bitches are Mini Bitch, Icy Bitch, Rock-a-bye-baby Bitch, Mocking Bitch, Oaf Bitch and Fucking-fucker Bitch. But it says MIRMOF, right? The sixth bitch, Fucking-fucker bitch, was taken away because of her stupidity and there's nothing she can do. It now contains MIRMO. So the five bitches wish for a boy and then the bitches went to Mini Bitch's body. Then Mini Bitch turns into a boy, and now he was named Mirmo. (I wish Mini Bitch is a gay!)

What Worm is He?[edit]

Dylan is a human-looking worm who loves books, right? But what kind of worm is he? We know the answer, but it contains very special information. Well... here it is. What kind of worm is he? There is one clue: a human-looking worm who loves books. Just search for the dictionary, we know. Then you'll find out what kind of worm it is. Dylan is a male human-looking worm who loves books, right? I told you twice now. Don't you ever notice I wrote it now. Aww man, I told you, DYLAN IS A MALE HUMAN-LOOKING WORM WHO LOVES BOOKS! But sometimes, he is isang multong bakla or translated as "a gay ghost" but not that thing after all, it must be something related to our topic today, and it is now isang uod na bakla or called "a gay worm", and that's related to our topic! Almost there... there it is! We are almost to our new topic.

A NORTH KOREA Last Story (3 in 1)[edit]

Mirmo: Ahh!!! Chocolate-flavored quiche! I really hate it! I really hate it!

Katie: Fuck you, Mirmo. I bought it. And I'm gonna do everything. I'm going to school now.

Mirmo: Don't get frozen. I got anything expired. Get out of my fucking way!

Katie was going to school and then she saw Dylan with Haruka. Azumi was going to Dylan but Katie stopped her.

Azumi: Fuck you, Katie! Stop holding me!

Katie: Why, am I a dumbass? Go play with me!

Azumi: You're always being a fucker! You're always being a dumbass! Get off me! Get off!

Katie: Oh, come on, you think we're assholes now.

So the two rivals went away. That is really fucking good. Everytime, she does that.

Azumi: I'm gonna throw you a fucking strawberry cake and you're gonna be blind!

Katie: I'm not for a pie throwing thingy. And after all, you don't need a fucking cake.

Azumi: I have a fucking cake of congratulations when you get together with Koichi.

Katie: You little dickhead! Oh man--

On Dylan's house, he was about to worry because... he knew she was giving him up...

Rima: What are you going to do to Katie, making some more embarrassment and shit to her?

Dylan: Goddamn it!! I'LL RAPE YOU!! SHITSKIN!! DELICIOUS CAKE!! NIGGER!! Katie is--better than everybody, right?

Rima: Everything the shit she have was really getting you crazy. The shit from her and the shit from you fertilized... like you and Katie got a new shit.

Dylan: And since when did you learned these little "shit"?

Ring ring!

Katie: Psst. This is Katie Minami. Who is it?

Dylan: It's me, dumbass.

Katie: Don't call me a real dumbass... but I'm so lucky? But why?

Dylan: Don't get more fucking feelings! Meet me at the park tomorrow at 3 PM. Don't show your real fucking feeling.

Katie: What? Wow, I like that little shit, but at least it is not really that shit.

The conversation ends.

Mirmo: Are you really fucking good here? You're really making fucking shit.

Katie: So? Then I will give them some fucking fries. And I'm gonna give you fucking milk.

Mirmo: Woohoo! Really fucking? Not really fucking, but maybe "in heaven" taste.

Katie: There it is. I'm going to do it now.

Few seconds later, Marumo called Mirmo.

Marumo: Psst, psst, we don't need new shit here. Well... you had to go back to our goddamn home.

Mirmo: Holy shit! What the goddamn hell are you thinking? In fact, this house is my turf!

Marumo: But you need to. If you don't arrive here, you'll be pwned. Then you are getting fucked. You must arrive here before it strucks to 1 PM.

Mirmo: Fine, I'm going! I don't like that punishment. So I'm going to fuck that little girl and then go home!

Katie dropped the tray.

Katie: Is that true that you're going to leave?

Mirmo: Yeah, I'm leaving!

Katie: But I want you here! Even that you're a fucking, stupid, nonsense chocolate thief, I wanted you to stay here!

Mirmo: Or else I'll receive a--

Katie: But... I will not go to Dylan.

Mirmo: It is important to you... hmm, sorry Katie... but I had to fucking do this! I will make anything forget these shit.

Mirmo de pon!

Katie: Say, what am I going to do again?

Mirmo: You're going to visit your fucking crush.

Katie: Th--thank you... Where?

Mirmo: Park at 3 PM.

Katie: Ok, I'll go there.

The next day, Katie went to the park. Some characters are hiding somewhere.

Katie: Am I going to lose my time here?

Dylan: Nope.

Katie: Ok, what are you trying to say now?

Azumi, Kyle, Koichi and Haruka are listening! They were pwned too when they heard this.

Dylan: Sorry for everything. I fucked you and I'm sorry to do that. I'm going to share your shit so we can have a new shit today, but it would be in the fucking future. The truth is--I love you.

Katie became happy.

Katie: Umm... even that I fucked you too, I am really fucking clumsy, I made a lot of bad shit and not good shit, I really apologize because more fucking things are coming to my mind and more bad shit are coming to you, but... I am really apologizing. Fuck this, fuck that, I don't fuck you anymore. But something fucking comes to my mind. Sometimes, fucking things are really making me. So please help me.

Dylan: I'm the one who fucked you because I broke your fucking heart. Your heart was too fragile. And then, I'm going for a date. So, it was really fucking. Two fuckers are going to date. Well, let's go now.

They left. Azumi felt angry but sad.

Azumi: That little Katie made everything just to be pleased by Dylan. And sometimes, we say YUUUUUUUUUUKI-KUUUUUUUUUN!!! But nothing has been a success. So I'm going to do anything... and I will pwn here anytime! Dylan confessed that he's being a fucking worm. And then Katie's fragile heart was a little stronger! I'll fuck her anytime, and I will make good shit with Dylan. Sometimes, in the future, we will have sex with the little worm.

Yatch: I'm going somewhere.

Yatch put a leaf on his head and then: Yatch de pon! He became stone.

Azumi: I wanted Yatch back.

Yatch turned into normal.

Yatch: What? You wished for anything and just wanted me to come back to normal?

Azumi: Dylan also broke my heart.

Yatch: Come on, you little bitch. There are more boys around.

Azumi: But I picked him. I really picked him but he fucked me.

Everybody felt sad, and they said nothing happened.

Mirmo: I'm gonna ask permission to Katie, but, oh no, there was no chance!

He was finding Katie, and at last, the fucking bitch did not notice him but he found Katie and Dylan are on a date.

Mirmo: Katie? Katie?

Katie did not noticed her. One minute left...

Mirmo: It's our entire fucking fault. And you got the worst fucking fault! I'll turn into, but... KATIE!!!

Mirmo disappeared into thin air.

Katie: Who shouted my fucking name? Oh well.

The next day, students found a new rabbit.

Koichi: Wait a minute! We didn't notice him.

Katie: Look at his cheeks! MIRMO!

Azumi: How I wish Katie was electrocuted by 0 Grues.

So this is the whole story, Mirmo turned into a fucking rabbit, but THIS IS NOT YET FINISHED! The user who made this has been fainted and forgetting the whole story. Well, she didn't watched all of the episodes but fucking fuckers won't get individual.