Lethal Censorship

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Lethal Censorship is the government's way to pretty much end all life on earth and instead of keeping us healthy and open-minded, they only try to keep their dirty little secrets such as the fact that they saidthey're treating diabetes as a national health issue when in reality, they created Diabetes to make the population fat as fuck. They said that Diabetes is the worst thing to happen in the existence of human life. But really, they can suck my balls. They're racists. they don't think that the racists should fuck off of the US. There is police brutality, usually towards blacks. I doubt they even keep us safe. They're not very nice, even towards children and secretly gives them not so good advice. Be very good? Bitch you are the bad guys. They should be thrown into jail forever. Not only that, but if the police kills the wrong guy, the only punishment they get is a suspension from the job! Just a suspension? YOU FUCKING IDIOT THEY JUST KILLED AN INNOCENT PERSON AND HE DOESN'T GET ANYTHING THAT HE ACTUALLY DESERVES?!?!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK! THE AMERICAN JUSTICE SYSTEM IS THE WORST FUCKING THING I'VE EVER SEEN. THE CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM IS THE BEST JUSTICE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD! Ahem... sorry, I just have a nervous breakdown. Anyways, I'ma gonna show you some more evidence on why the American Justice System is not the best and more crazy stuff.

George W Bush Did 9/11[edit]

You see, when 9/11 happened, the US blamed the so-called terrorist group Al-Qaeda but in reality, George W Bush did do 9/11. Although he claims he did not do 9/11 but he actually did.

George W Bush on his interview about 9/11 however he set up 9/11 himself.