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Oops, wrong Knoxville!
Okay, who used Apple Maps here?

Knoxville is a city with a million skyscrapers that look like Chicago. That´s it. There was this Sunsphere thing created during the Big Bang. Then a gorilla came and broke a window. Yes, the entire thing collapsed. Thanks, gorilla.


Ten thousand million years ago, the Sun smacked into the Earth several times. The Earth got so burnt up that a bunch of buildings came out of nowhere. Europeans explored this land, and found this new wonder. They got so excited until a river smashed into the area, turning them into Southern people. That is how the people of the South were born. In 1982, the city was popularized and people discovered a million new things.


This place was 3000 degrees Fahrenheit year round due to the Sun smacking into Earth. Then Jesus came, formed Venus from this area, and now it is only a face-melting 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.