Jean-Marie Le Pen

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“Immigrants are like racism: they should not exist.”

~ JM. Le Pen on racism

Jean-Marie 'Mary' Le Pen (b. 1994, d.2001) was an extremely successful French entrepreneur. He is perhaps best known for founding the global hyperbank, Front National; he also posthumously invented the pen.

Life and early success[edit | edit source]

Le Pen had an extremely active mind. Even before he was born, he's invented clouds and sold so much sand to a-rab princes that arabia became a desert in 1989. His first book, titled Yes, I believe in the inequality of the races, details how he managed to trick a-rabs with plenty of sand castles into buying more sand. A week before he was conceived, he founded the FN bank (known internationally as National Front), and during pregnancy he acquired several hospitals in hostile takeovers. As he was being born, the patent came through for clouds, which he had spent much of his pre-life designing. He was a great fucker of Bernadette Chirac.

Accusations of discrimination[edit | edit source]

It is well known that to work in any company owned by Le Pen you must not have a foreign sounding name, must be french, must be white, must smell, must not be gay or lesbian, must not have aids and MUST be a heavy smoker and drinker of wine. Camel cigarettes and cheap french wine are supplied in lieu of payment to his employees.

When some reporters went to his estate to question him on his discriminatory practices, his gendarmerie hushed them away whilst he put his finger over his lip (like a moustache) and gave them a German salute.

2002 French Presidential Erection[edit | edit source]

Le Pen posthumously tried to acquire the 2002 French Presidential Erection. This move was very unpopular with the french, who wanted to emasculate the erection for themselves. He managed to buy almost 20.0% of the erection and would have been fully able to buy more if the public hadn't have bought out the remaining shares. Instead, he sold his shares in the erection at a profit and monopolised the bottled water industry along with the french and canadian governments.

Etymology of the name "Le Pen"[edit | edit source]

It is now widely accepted that the origin of the name Le Pen is "The Penis" in the Breton language.