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Being morbidly obese means (to me) being very fat and having a very large waist and belly. I get to have a large belly in front and learn how to walk with the new weight and new center of gravity. Walking with that much weight (in my case 375 pounds and a 60 inch waist) means not being able to see my feet and taking my time when I walk to make sure I see where my feet will go. Stepping up and down from curbs means planning ahead. Seeing myself walk by windows that reflect lets me see how large I am and how good I look. Bending over is an art. The weight in my belly means I have to make sure I keep my balance and not fall over. Sitting at tables in restaurant means making sure I can get the table far enough away from the chair to fit in and not spilling too much on my belly. Of course, eating out also means I have a chance to fill myself as much as possible and then try to get up without losing my balance. I have to make sure and fasten my top button on my pants since I let it out to give my belly more room to expand as I stuff myself.

I am one who thoroughly enjoys getting fatter and fatter. I look forward to how I will look and feel as I get to 400 and higher.

Sick bastard IPs like you make me sick.--Almost Sir Random Crap
This is amazing and brought a smile to my face. PLEASE NO ONE DELETE IT! -- Soldat Teh PWNerator (pwnt!) 23:18, September 2, 2009 (UTC)