HowTo:Pass Go and Collect $200

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So you'd like to find out HowTo:Pass Go and Collect $200, eh?

The Basics[edit]

First, you need to own a Monopoly board. You will also need friends willing to play with you. Or you could pass go while playing with yourself. Whatever.

Piece Placement[edit]

This is a very important part of passing go (and collecting $200). Since a die has six sides, the highest number of spaces you can go is six. So, you need to be either five or less spaces from go so that you pass it and don't land on it. (If you've already landed on go, don't try to buy it. It does not cost $200.)

A more high tech version of Monopoly. You still can't buy go.

Moving Your Piece[edit]

Grab your little piece, whether it be the labradoodle or the top hat. Now move your piece in a clockwise direction. Or counter-clockwise. Depends on how angry you want your (imaginary) friends to be.

Actually Passing Go[edit]

The moment you've anticipated approcheth! As you move your piece past go, cheer, knowing that you've done it! You've gone around the board once! Gold star for you!

... Or have the death star. This would be a great playing piece...

Collecting $200[edit]

Your reward for passing go is $200. Unless you lost all of your money or burnt it in frustration, you get a crisp set of paper monies. Wow. Such a great reward for all that work.


Now that you're a master at passing go, you can absolutely destroy your friends in Monopoly. Have fun. Hours of fun.