Drunken rambling

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This is what I drank. Berr!

when I started dfrinking, i thought of creating this page, but I thought it's be pretty stoopid. now that I've drank a fair bit... I've serrided that it'd be pretty awesome. that was meant to be awesome, i mean 'decided' back there, where i wrote 'serrided', buyt i couldn't bve fucked fixing it.n m Shhhhhhhhhhhhheit. now that we have that \

ckleRED UP[edit]

I JUST THOUGHT I'D MENTION HOW COOL I AM. SEE, I',M WRITING IN CAPS. = OH YEA. okay, that's ma bit better. later, I might even add images to this, to make it funnyier, but I can't really thinkg of any...

heyyy! look, the onbe of the lft has a facwe! wait, they both doo!

whoo, there's an image. I couldn't believe I actua;y got that uop while iom drfunk. wait, no, that wasn't a pun.] i wasn't talk9ing about sex. no im not drunk.

does this many headins create contenst?[edit]

no really, does it?

You've not been to Durness unless you've seen The Five Finger Spread executed by a master.

what dhthe hell ieven is a ife vinger sporead ? /[edit]

fuckefd if i know, and neitheriwlll you. now i'm gongna go sleep fo this offff.,. hang erover willbe kielkler m ost likeykl

othre klinks?[edit]