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Gomorrah was a city in the middle east in the time of the Old Testament part of the bible. The city was apparently unremarkable and unworthy of mention until god decided to demolish it along with another town called Sodom, in the pretext of certain practices conducted by the people who lived there.

Questions Raised by Gomorrah[edit]

It is not made clear how god found out about the evil practices involved. The divine entity is reputed to have all-seeing and all-knowing attributes, and so should have been aware of the issue from the start. This raises certain questions about the destruction of the cities:

Free will?[edit]

Most importantly god displays its unwillingness to allow humanity free will; by acting once again (see flood) to murder those people who behave in a way god disapproves of. It is noted that in recent times god has held back from such actions despite the utterly evil practices of such people as Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein and all of Cuba. Apparently the work of purging evil has been subcontracted to the United States of America and then subsequently to Halliburton.


If god did not know about the evil practices until his angels were sent for a visit, we are forced to question whether the all-knowing nature of god is factual. This may be due to god's increasing age, and with it a loss of senses. This may account for gods current inability to notice any evil on the planet at all.

To be fair, it may be that the evil practices did not commence until gods angels visited Lot and his family. It would be negligent then to ignore the possibility that the evil practices were caused by either Lot or the angels. Indeed it may be that the angels actually set up the two cities in order to bring about their downfall in support of some political aim of the angels.


The legend of the destruction of the cities has left us with a clear idea of what was alleged to be going on in Sodom. God clearly disapproves of sodomy, yet given that the whole city seems to have been devoted to the practice one wonders whether god might simply have left them to it as within only one generation they would become extinct due to the difficulty of conceiving via that practice.


We are left to ponder what evil and awful practice may have been indulged in in the city of Gomorrah. Clearly Sodomy is not allowed by god, but we are still allowed to know what it is and so be warned off trying it. However a total censorship appears to be in place over the practice of Gomorrahry such that it is not mentioned, described or even referred to. This seems to limit the effect of the "message" god was apparently trying to send out - for all we know, we may be committing Gomorrahry right now.


It would seem that there is a good case for the censorship of the bible on the grounds of national security. Clearly the practice of sodomy in any large amount will result in the utter reduction of a whole city. The actual amount of sodomy required is not clear but it is logical to assume it should exceed that of any US city as these have not been destroyed. However the use of mass sodomy is far too dangerous a process to be allowed to fall into terrorist hands. We should be concerned about the possibility of large number so Islamic fundamentalists taking up residence in our cities and attaining the status of martyrs by practising vast amounts of sodomy in secret. Obviously sodom would be against the laws of Islam, but as this is true of murder also then it would obviously be justifiable as a means of defeating the infidel. The bible is therefore to be taken off shelves as it contains details of the means to carry out such terrorist attacks.

One final point on this, and a supporting argument as to why many US cities have not been destroyed is that sodomy may be under development as a weapon by the US defence agencies. it is thought that the widespread use of Sodomy in the US is in fact a training program for possible sodomy devices. The recent relaxing of the laws on homosexuality in the US forces may be an indicator that the US is now ready to deploy this strategy. It may be that in the bear future large numbers of trained US sodomisers will be sneaked into enemy cities (Tehran for example) to raise the proportion of sodomy such that god has no option but to destroy the whole city.