Friday the 13th Part 11

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Friday the 13th Part XI: Jason goes to heaven was a movie that spent years in development hell before being cancelled out right. Jason goes to heaven takes Jason X out of continuity and instead focuses on Jason attempting to get out of hell and into heaven to kill people in after life.

The movie was called Jason takes heaven before it was changed to Jason goes to heaven.


One godly day, jesus decides there's too many people in heaven and contacts Jason to lower the population of heaven. Jason attempts to get out hell by converting to Christianity, but fails when he murdered the Priest. Jason then goes to Home Depot to build a lader to heaven in order to help Jesus Christ. Jason goes into a murderous rampage when he finds the check out line filled with Mexicans, as result Jason gets kicked out of Home Depot. Jason then steals a car and drives backwards on the highway to hell, then proceeds to South Park, Colorado to find the ladder to heaven. Jason arrives in South Park and then proceeds to climb the ladder. Jason eventually gets to heaven to find out that Jesus gave the contract to Michael Myers. Jason Attacks Michael which sets up Michael Vs. Jason.


The movie was filmed but never released. John Carpenter was signed on to direct but left when he found out the movie was going be released by New Line Cinema. The movie was cancelled after Jason X and Freddy Vs. Jason were a box office bomb, and instead Friday the 13th was remade instead. This movie was going to be a prequel to Michael Vs. Jason which in turn was cancelled. The movie was set to be released in 2004. New Line Cinema and Halloween producer Moustapha Akkad received several bomb threats and death threats during production and even after canceling the movie. Originally Hustler Video was set to produce the movie but instead New Line Cinema wanted the movie to be produced by Wood Rocket but would be credited as Porn Hub. Porn Hub didn't want Wood Rocket receiving credit for production. Wood Rocket CEO Lea Roy Myers went on a shooting spree when he found out Porn Hub would not list Wood Rocket in the credits. New line cinema didn't realize that Hustler Video and Wood Rocket were porn studios. Yes, the Movie was supposed to be a Porn flick. Be thankful that this got canned because every Halloween and Friday the 13th sucked after the 1980's. Even Part 12 would have been "Jason goes to Super Bowl XXXVIII", fuck really? That has got to be a lot of meth New Line Cinema producers are smoking. In 2014, Pornhub Launched a Kickstarter in attempt to get the all Porn scene's released, the Kickstarter failed with a result of $2536 Out of a $400,000 goal.


Jason as himself

Proud owner of Camp Crystal Lake and first serial killer in space.

Michael Myers as himself

Inflicted with the curse of thorn and mayor of Haddonfield.

Mel Gibson as Jesus Christ

His movie "The Passion of the Christ" sucked ass.

George Lopez as Home Depot employee

A shit ton of atheist's

A shit ton of Christians

Charles Darwin, Princess Diana, Adolf Hitler, and David Koresh make cameo appearances in the hell secnes. Stan, Kyle, and Cartman make cameo appearances in the South Park scenes.