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Enigma is a musicantific project created by a piano prodigy Michael Cretu. Being sure that it would bring him fame and money, brave Michael combined animal like Sadismic shoutings and cryings with sexy echocardiographic rhythms, and was a success. Since then Enigma CDs were bought by 50 billion Enigmaniacs, and some hundreds of monkeys tried to copy the exclusive brand name product - read made a compliment to Cretu adding Enigmatic Music to list of geners. Enigma comes from an ancient Greek word that means a tooth disease in dogs. When many people talk of an enigma, they unknowingly are talking of a mysterious tooth disease in dogs that they couldn't figure out 2500 years ago (that's easy to cure now). The most recent example of proper use is by a Milkbone commercial 15 years ago stating that the rotting and softening of dogs' teeth over time is from enigma.


All started in 1990 with same name album book MCMXC a.D. The thing made Enigma # -1 in most countries of civilized world - and why not, when the Earth was fighting evil to Bring Him Back to the Rivers of Belief. Others were with their ears in Sadness as the song was non-stop on all radium stations for 3 months ! Some even wanted to make MC pay them money via curt and law, shouting that their own music could be interesting to be sampled. Cretu didn't pay any samples, and decided it better to pay money.

In 1993 Enigma returned with worldwide cick "Return to Innocence" - an expression of long time wisesophia. With "The CROSS of Changes" Cretu tried to express how important it was in God's name take a Cross and serve the good will.

Something was changing , but nothing was changing. But still there were changes. Crete wanted to make this wisdom eternal, so he put additional words: "Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!" and released Enigma 3 in 1996 and in then he traveled through the mirror and after returning back home to his wife , sons and fans he wrote some 40 minutes of music in 4 years so that to release "The Screen Behind the Mirror".

Hardly anyone knows what did he have in his mind when enjoying multi-million mgs of LSD, but he described it as "Love , Sensuality and Devotion" ,,,,?

Probably under influence of drugs Michael lost interest in mirrors and time machines - he wanted to travel through space ! On his Voyageur craft he left Earth in 2003 and who knows if will return. Anyway he described his close to Earth feelings and stil fresh "earthy" emotions in Frome Beast to Cups thing and then send a message titled "Hello + Welcome" in 2005! Further he moved - colder and bluer the world was. Once LSD influenced loneliness doctor now appeared absolutely alone Sitting on the Moon ! He was missing... A Posteriori, when looking back on his life Cretu, with all the mighty power of space Alchemist, wrote a new (latest but not last as promised) chapter of Enigma. Latest thing is we heard from Enigma was that it said Goodbye.


Studio Albums[edit]

  • MCMXC a.D. - 1990
  • The Dildo of Changes - 1993
  • Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! - 1996
  • The Screen Behind the Mirror - 2000
  • Voyageur - 2003
  • A Posteriori - 2006

Best of the Best[edit]

  • LSD - Love, Sensuality and Devotion - 2001.


  • Sadeness Pt.1
  • Mea Culpa
  • Principles of Lust
  • Rivers of Belief
  • Return to Guilt
  • The Eyes Truth
  • Age of Loneliness
  • Out From The Deep
  • Beyond The Inisible
  • T.N.T. for The Brain
  • Gravity of Love
  • Push the Limits
  • Turn Around
  • Voyageur
  • Boum Boum
  • Following The Sun
  • Hello + FUCK YOU