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aleX Is teh HotTt, LOL1!1!!


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Drive is an American action drama television series created by Timothy Minear, creator of TV's Buffy The Vampire Slayer. After creating Buffy, 20th Century Fox was so desperate for Tim to create another series they sold him the country Great Briton, and all its citizens. Tim took these new-found slaves, and forced them to work on his new idea -- Drive.

Drive's other creator was Tim's elderly father, Ben Queen, who looks about 12 due to his use of skin crew products. Rumours circulating on the internet that Ben is creating a skin cream spin off show from Drive called 'Cream My Face' were confirmed false in 2007, when Ben said: "What?" to Variety. Which Variety turned into a 21 paragraph story featuring the words "Net", "skein" and "creamed" 102 times.

Tim divides his time between Drive and his other hit shows, Firefly, Wonderfalls, and The Inside.

Concept of DRIVE[edit]

Drive is a cross country secret illegal cross country secret illegal cross country secret illegal cross country secret illegal road race cross country secret illegal something, just in case you missed the trailers.

Tim pitched the idea to FOX in a Powerpoint slide which said simply: "Cars Drive Fast! People die! Ratings, woosh!". This lead to FOX's undying love for the show.

Green screen technology[edit]

In order to build the look for The Race, Tim and FOX considered using green screen visual effects to create the cross country look. However, they decided they couldn't be fucked with that, so instead had the Evil FOX Empire Slaves of Great Briton build the external locations themselves. Unfortunately, the citizens of Evil FOX Empire Slaves of Great Briton were drunk whilst carrying out the work, leading to the opening episodes set in Florida having mountains in the background. This goof was explained in episode 1x16 "Fury's Quit -- FUCK FUCK FUCK", in which it is revealed nobody but the contestants can see the mountains, as it's something to do with magnetism and giant black smoke.


Drive has now been on the air 3 years, and currently averages 23 million viewers. Unfortunately FOX are still on about canceling it every year, which has lead to many budget cuts. In place of car racing, the show is now about mountain biking.

Theme Song[edit]

Drive's theme song is written by Joss Whedon. The lyrics are:

'Drive A show called Drive

Created by Minear Who can't escape my shadow

Can't stop the show Can't stop the phones Can't stop the shadow Can't cancel my show, bitches'.

The show soundtrack is not available to buy on CD.


Firefly stars 'Nathan Fillion' as its lead (Alex), who is racing to kidnap his wife.

Alex's wife Amy is played by 'Fred Acker', best known for her role as "Alex's Spooky Delusion Appearing in the Form of His Wife in the New Hit FOX Show DRIVE!" Amy is racing to get her groove back.

Cross overs[edit]

Drive features regular cross over episodes with other shows. In 4x03, Betty Suarez joins The Race with her sister, Hilda Suarez. Unfortunately, Hilda and Winston meet mid episode, which caused the cameras to explode as two universes collided. Kevin Alejandro is still missing.

Plot twists[edit]

  • In Episode 1x22, Alex's twin evil brother is introduced, played by Dean Cain.
  • In Episode 1x06, it's revealed that the race is being master minded by Maggie Walsh from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
  • In Episode 2x23, the cyclists cycle past a GIANT FOOT with 12 feet. This will be explained in Episode 5x66
  • In Episode 3x02, Alex's twin evil brother (Xela) is killed in a flash back to 1x01. Fans complained this made no narrative sense and declared the end of the show, however ratings actually doubled afterwards.
  • In Episode 1x02, the winner of the race is revealed to be Axela, Alex's evil twin's sister. The writers panic, realizing they don't know where to take the show now that the race is over.
  • In Episode 1x16, with help from FOX execs, the writers get back on track with a whole new direction for the show: the drivers must successfully raise 3rd graders in 24 one hour, real time segments. A subtitle is also added at this time: Drive: 24 Secret Illegal Third Graders: Catch the Fantabulous!!!
  • In Episode 3x22, Winston proves that anything the Fonz did, he could do better. Fans will debate the merit of a stunt of jumping over a shark tank in a New Orleans by way of Interstate 5.
  • In Episode 2x07, fearing Drive's cancellation for a fifth time, Minear decides to build little life lessons into each show, and to make them as preachy as possible. In this very special episode of Drive, Alex decides to start smoking so the other drivers will think he is cool, but when he tries and fails to break the world record for teeter-tottering, Davy Jones shows up to take him to prom anyway. A subplot involves an evil tiki idol and a surfing contest.