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Disfarbulating is the premoptuous art of making up words with no meaning at all. This act is usually conmenstatized by boredom, but other causes include hanging around idiots, smoking crack and glowparing minutations. The practice has died down a lot since 2000 due to the fear of not being Politically Correct. This is, of course, stupid. It's these ionatious people that think a word that you made up for no reason at all is somehow insulting that deserve to be beaten over the head with a frying pan repeatedly, then they can have every right in the world to be offended. With that, I encourage you all to disfarbulate more often, as a way to demonstrate your freedom.

The History of Disfarbulation[edit]

It has been established that disfarbulating was first done some time in February of 2005. The claims that Pirate Ninja Jesus in collaboration with Al Gore invented disfarbulating are completely false, though they may have invented the internet. This idea was backed by mysterious words like persnickety, guacamole, and flabbergasted, but there is no evidence to support that these words were at one time disfarbulations and are in fact just the end result of moopslappers being shnoons. Disfarbulating was actually invented by a Robert H. working closly with an individual who shall remain nameless. There is an unconfirmed rumor that this mysterious Robert H. has been nominated for the Nobel Prize for this astounding achievement, but no confirmation yet.

The Dangers of Disfarbulating[edit]

Though usually a safe and practical pastime, disfarbulating while under the influence of a kitten (please see Kitten Huffing), can prove to be seriously dangerous. This dangerous combination triggers an intense, nonstop craving for rice pudding.

The Exception[edit]

The main rule for disfarbulations is that the "word" cannot have meaning. Thus, if a disfarbulation is assigned a meaning, it is rejected and converted to a Word. There is only one known exception to this rule and that exception is "Disfarbulate". Because disfarbulate is a disfarbulation that was given a meaning, it should no longer be a disfarbulation, but because of the Uncertainty Principle, it makes it possible to be both a disfarbulation and a word at the same time.

See also[edit]


  • discombobulate (this disfarbulation has actually mitrigated into many reputable dictionaries) (Also, sometimes pronounced discomboobulate--a term perhaps used to describe the activities of inept plastic surgeons with reference to certain aspects of female human anatomy)
  • combobulate or comboobulate (opposite of the above)
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  • burncoon (a burning raccoon)
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  • terfleschtical
  • rectasiphulate
  • syphalanicus
  • crackalackin
  • thecakeisalie
  • pilfodecritchenism
  • fa
  • hunky-dory
  • floccaucinihilipilification (allmost all of the people who have heard this disfarbulation are under the false impression that it is an actual word, when it is, in fact, a disfarbulation)
  • Gerald
  • futzpuster (used either by itself, or in the phrase, "futzpuster, pussbucket, 'n scrud")
  • bumptuous
  • tuddence, tuddage, tuddish, tuddicity, tudulence
  • crotmantic
  • Digustiboostnanestipytandum


This particulate game of wits and speakable qualities..that are unspeakable.

  • Endorsed by some fags named cory, joel, liam, elias, and justin.