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Dwarf Sniper Unit
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An image of Pint and Bean. This was the most effective DSU unit ever to be on the battlefield
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What is a DSU[edit]

DSU stands for "Dwarf Sniper Unit". A dwarf sniper unit consists of two highly-trained dwarves that carry a weapon of twice their size. One Dwarf is positioned under the barrel of the weapon, while the other is positioned at the gunners spot of the weapon. DSU's usually function as a tactical stealth unit. However, there are some exceptions such as the DSU MK.lll variant, which makes use of high caliber machine gun, which are normally equipped on vehicles; as well as the MK.IV, which are known with their deadly proficiency in explosive ordinances, and will often use weapons like the RPG.

Versions of the DSU[edit]

  • The MK.I DSU training was specifically designed for Sniper & Marksman Rifles, and for long-range combat.
  • The MK.II DSU training was specifically for Armored Vehicle destruction, and use Anti-Tank and Anti-Material rifles.
  • The MK.III DSU training was specifically for Heavy Machine Guns, and are notably more close-range than their other
  • The MK.IV DSU training was specifically for missiles or bombs. They are known as the deadliest DSUs, and are

DSU History[edit]

DSU's started being recorded on the battlefield in the 12th century, where they were supposed to wield a larger variant of the crossbow known as an Arbalest. In the 12th century, however, they were not known as DSU's. (DSU is a very modernized term.) In the 12th century they were known as Arsefokker's which is an Irish term. We could not translate the term into a Latin root term like most articles, but we have an idea. During the Golden Age of Piracy, DSUs would often use blunderbusses or other flintlock-based weapons. [1] DSUs were later recorded in World War 1 to use Tankgewehrs and the 4 versions were created. The Arsefokker was renamed to a DSU in 1910 because of a German aerodynamic engineer named Anthony Fokker who whined because he could not name his plane models after himself. DSU's in WW1 could be seen carrying multiple sniper variants and many machine gunners. Very rarely would you see a DSU using an Anti-Material rifle as they were not as relative at the time. German DSU's could be seen using Fleigerfaust's or Panzerfausts. Most of British DSU's would use the Lewis gun, which was a fully automatic machine gun. America refused to use the DSU tactics because they thought it was "absurd". France had the most DSU's, because they are usually shorter. DSU's also saw use in WW2, using 50 caliber machine guns, Kar98's, ect... They started to decline moving into modern times because of the invention of steroids in 1935 and them gaining popularity over the years.

What if a Dwarf dies[edit]

All DSU members have backup weapons in shovels/pickaxes. If the one of the dwarves dies, the surviving member will bury the main weapon with the dwarf's corpse. [2] This is the reason why you can dig up guns in old, historical battlefields. Dwarfs in World War 1 would often use the Kolibri, which was perfectly sized for killing enemy DSU's and pissing off normal-sized people. Modern DSUs use the Diamondback DB9 9 mm Pistol as their sidearm and carry other necessary equipment.

How to respect our DSU units[edit]

If you ever see a dwarf in public, do not point and laugh.[3] Consider buying a Dwarf Family a 10pc chicken nugget. Make sure it has the toy!

  1. However, they were known for flying backwards after firing.
  2. This is in order for them to properly ascend to Valhalla.
  3. Unless they look REALLY stupid.