Credit Card Model of Physics

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American Express

The Credit Card Model of Physics was developed in the 1950s to explain away discrepancies in something from something something experimental evidence something of something to something therefore reconciling observational something with something for something, for now.

Generally accepted, there are four basic forces.

Subatomic Structure[edit]

There are numerous particles, such as USDs (United States Dollarons), Eurons, United Kingdom Poundons, and Japanese Yenons, which are mitigated and affected by these four fources. Numerous other particles such as Pesons, Wons and Yuons abound. However, the chance of a significant quantity of non-virtual particles spontaneously appearing is, regretably, very small. For example, Fourmilab once found 5 unclaimed United States Dollarons and immediately picked them off the lab floor.

Generally, the Law of the Conservation of Energy must be adhered to, in which the creation of particles cannot happen without expending work. In fact, many heat engines run half their entire active periods just to create a barely self-sustaining number of particles! Some physicists are bad and lazy.


Visa has ugly colors, ubiquitous, though it's most popular, and has a bland mee-too kindof taste.

American Express[edit]

American Express is a more refined green flavored force, though it has some shades of blue. It is crunchy, and favored by those with many particles.


MasterCard is a separated red/yorange flavor, with some blending in between, making it similar to Discovery Force.


Discover, though originally black-backed, now sports a distinctive orange taste. It is found on the tops of prominent tall buildings universewide.

10-43 seconds after the Big Bang, all money, force, time, energy, matter and forces were combined into one huge superforce, known as the Grand Unified Force, or GUF. Until now, a Grand Unified Theory is the only thing able to describe them, known as GUT.

After the whole thing in which Microsoft took-over the universe, it was decided that no one force should be powerful enough to rule the universe. Therefore, it was decided that there will be four, equal, forces.

Thereafter, the Vistercover Force separated from the American Express Force, allowing for class differences. Then the Visa Force and the MasterCover Force separated too, allowing for international travel. Finally, the MasterCard Force became independent, thus allowing slavery.

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